LFI Custom Kydex

558163_348286831914692_1904738831_n  Crimson Tied Paragear

  RDR Custom Kydex

402943_367413770001998_574296604_n  S.O.E. 1.5″ Rigid Cobra Duty Belt

DSC04013  Rogue Tactical Concealment Operator

DSC04176  Cree Q5 AA Led Light

DSC04426  Tractiongrips Grip Decals

DSC04423  Shooting TST’s Timberwolf

IMG_0307  CountyComm’s Molded Sheath for EOD Robotics Breacher Bar

306034_210774655695056_875495794_nTec-Shield Elite 

IMG_0396 Talon Tactical Gun Belt

One comment on “Gear

  1. Was wondering your thoughts on a decent knife. I currently carry a Swiss army climber from eBay @$6. I’m looking for a 3inch blade locker that won’t break the bank or die from opening Amazon boxes or cutting zip ties off shipping containers at work. A belt clip is a plus but not necessary. Also I want it as non tactical as possible in case it’s ever needed for defense so a prosecutor can’t show it to a jury and say it’s an evil death implement I carried around waiting for someone to stab.


    Ps: Amazon has the Parker Jotter close to the price of that Zebra at this time.

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