About TST

It’s easy to have all the coolest or tacticoolest gear when your wallet’s fat with Grants, but at Thrift Store Tactical, it’s all about being tactical on the cheap. If you’re a sheepdog with more bills than paycheck, you know what I’m talking about.

Thrift Store Tactical is all about finding deals on quality kit, or making quality kit out of deals. If you can’t drop C-notes every day on the latest and greatest gear, then maybe we can find ways to make the gear you do have as effective as possible.

TST is run by Ben, a teacher and a cop.  He has a fat list of wants and needs when it comes to gear, but his wallet is thin.  After several years of rotating shifts and searching for gear, he’s gotten pretty good at finding deals.  He started TST to share those deals with others in an attempt to make his gear-deal-finding addiction useful.

If you need to find a deal on gear, let Ben know.  He’ll look for it and share the deals he finds.  For free.  I mean, it isn’t called Thrift Store Tactical for nothing.

One comment on “About TST

  1. I just found you site. Love it. I bought a CZ P-10c and need a OWB holster. I really like what you have revealed so far-Thanks a million-Shawn

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