About TST

TST is run by Ben, a former teacher and cop.  Ben taught writing courses at Southeast Missouri State University and Mizzou for 4 years before starting his career in law enforcement.  He then worked patrol at the Jefferson City Police Department and ended his career as the Circuit Marshal for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Missouri.  In March of 2021, Ben retired early from law enforcement to start a homestead of sorts on 20 acres of oak trees in mid-Missouri.  He is back to writing about gear, thrifty firearm-related deals, and teaching part-time at a local college.

TST is all about finding the best deals on quality gear, talking about gear and firearms-related news, and helping shooters find the best value for their hard-earned dollars.

Let Ben know if there’s something you want to hear about:


One comment on “About TST

  1. I just found you site. Love it. I bought a CZ P-10c and need a OWB holster. I really like what you have revealed so far-Thanks a million-Shawn

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